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Sonic Edible Image Cake Wrap

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Standard size CAKE WRAPS are 4 inches high by 10 inches long per strip. You may need a pair of scissors to trim your cake wraps/icing sheets. Tall sizes are a full sheet and are 8x10’’

Please see below to determine how many strips/sheets you need:

4-6" round cake needs 2 strips
8-9" round cake needs 3 strips
10-12" round cake needs 4 strips

6''-8'' TALL CAKES
4-6" round cake needs 2 full sheets
8-9" round cake needs 3 full sheets
10-12" round cake needs 4 full sheets


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***** Please note colors can vary based on your computer monitor and the paper chosen.

All prints use food coloring that is safe to eat. Please note getting the print sheets wet or using wet hands to apply will cause the print to bleed. Wafer paper will dissolve if it becomes wet. Use shortening, corn syrup, buttercream, or edible glue to apply frosting sheets. Frosting sheets are easily applied to fondant, royal icing, or buttercream!

Edible print sheets are shipped in a food-safe storage bag and should be stored at room temperature. Sheets are good for up to a year but should be kept in a non-humid area away from sunlight to prevent fading. Keep away from moisture to prevent sticking.

Edible cake wraps are made to wrap around your cakes or decorate cookies and cupcakes and other desserts. Depending on the size/diameter of your cake and the height will determine how many sheets you need. Some cakes can be decorated with a front sheet only and others need multiple to wrap the entire cake.

FROSTING SHEETS VERSES WAFER PAPER: Frosting sheets hold a deeper color and are OPAQUE (less transparent), and have a white background compared to wafer paper. It will be in the range of the photos shown but exact matches are not guaranteed. A frosting sheet is a thin layer of frosting on a plastic backing, which can be printed with edible ink, cut out, and peeled off to be placed on buttercream, dry royal icing, or fondant. It provides a much sharper printed image than wafer paper, and sort of “melts” onto whatever it is placed. Soft and slightly sweet, a frosting sheet leaves an almost undetectable consistency on the dessert. The frosting sheet size is 8.5x10.5 inches.

Wafer paper is made with potato starch and vegetable oil. Wafer paper can be cut into shapes with scissors or hole punches to decorate cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or other desserts.


All items ship within 1-3 business days. Due to the edible nature of this product returns are not accepted. 

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